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A school-trip in the great outdoors

Sleeping in tents and making food on an open fire and camping stoves were new experiences to most of the students at Aesthetic and Outdoor Education when they went on their first school-trip with Bergen University College.

The students at Aesthetic and Outdoor Education (AOE) went to Godøysund and the small island Erleholmen for three days. The excursion was a great opportunity to experience the scenery around Tysnes, with fjords, mountains and a nice view to Folgefonna glacier.

The weather conditions were not very favorable, however, with a lot of rain and little sun.

The class consists of 3 students from Germany, 3 from Netherland, 8 from China and 7 from Norway. To most of them sleeping in tents and making all the food on an open fire and camping stoves was a first time experience. Not to speak of using an outdoor toilet for the first time.

Outdoor Education teacher Torbjørn Lundhaug explains that the students had a lot of worries and questions before they left Bergen. Would there be a guide on the bus? Would they need to bring their passports along?

– An important learning outcome for the AOE course is to experience leadership and learn how to plan outdoor expeditions. But it is evident that travelling in Norway is not equivalent to travelling in China, says Lundhaug. 

Harvesting fish and crabs

The island Erleholmen has been hosting summer camps for kindergardens for 25 years, and preschool teacher Wenche Strømme has been running the camps for all this time. She has developed an outdoor programme for kindergardens and joined the class for the three day stay.

The theme of the excursion was harvest.

– We went fishing with small boats and set fishnets. Our plan was to collect resources and prepare a meal based on raw materials from nature. In the evening the class had a great dinner from the catch that consisted of a lot of fish and crabs. The students also had presentations of the process of preparing the meal, explains Lundhaug.

During the AOE course there also was a lot of outdoors playing. One of the games on the trip was exploring and playing with rubber ducks. This caused a lot of fantasy and improvising. What were rubber ducks doing on the island? Could the students bring them on the kayaks? 

In the evening the group learned the names in the class by making a movement together with the name combined with a word starting with the same letter as the first name. For instance Oda made a big jump while saying Oda the Owl.

The teachers at the AOE course are Torbjørn Lundhaug (Outdoor Education), Katrine Tufta (Aesthetic Education), Magni Elen Hope Lossius (Mathematic) and Sara Førde (Aesthetic Education).