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Syllabus/programme description

You will find the course description and reading list for your subject by searching for the programme of study you are enrolled in.

You then click your way forwards to More information in the programme description and select the programme description for your year. From here you can continue on to all the course descriptions for the education.

About the syllabus/programme description

A programme description is a comprehensive plan for a programme of study within higher education. It comprises three parts: a programme of study section, course descriptions, as well as an education plan.

Reading lists/syllabus are shown at the end of each course description.

The programme description and syllabus are organised for the following workload:

  • One year of study is 1,600 hours of student work, 10 months and 60 credits.
  • One week of study is 40 hours of student work
  • One credit represents 27 hours of student work

The reading list is missing?

Is your reading list missing from the programme description/course description? Contact the lecturer.