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OA Policy

In april 2014 Bergen University College accepted an Open Access Policy.

OA Fund at HiB


Open Access policy at HiB

Bergen University College has accepted some OA principles for fri access to scientific work produced at HiB. Free access to scientific work is an important condition for an open debate, and for the developement of the knowledte society and for the society in general. The aim is that all publications from HiB will be freely available in open access journals or in the open archive Bora-HiB.

Bergen University College is accepting the following Open Access principle:


The aim of HiB is that the majority of the institutions publications should be openly available through OA publication channels indexed in the NSD list of scientific journals, series and publishers at level 1 or 2. Undet the condition of equality between the OA channel and the traditional closed subscribtion channel, the main rule is that employees and students choose to publish in the channesl that provide the most free and open access for everybody.

It is also an aim that the publications which can not be published in Open Access journals should be archived in Bora-HiB, the institutional open schientific archive. The library is responsible for for copyright clearance ahead of the archiving.

Studentwork and Ph.d thesis

It is an aim that all masterstudents and Ph.d candidates arcive their master/ph.d thesis in Bora-HiB.  Archiving will happen within the frames of the agreements already made with the publishers if the material is already published. 

To make it easier for employees or students to fulfill the policy, HiB established and OA fund from where authors can apply for funding to cover the APC often connected with OA publishing. You find the application form here.