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Chinese and Norwegian Radiography students, from the left: Kristoffer Go, Jasmine Chan, Eirik Hellebø, Ching-Ching Ma og Oda Vighals. Photo: Ingrid Hope.

Professional and cultural exchange

Different cultures but same professions met when Radiography and Nursing students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited fellow students at Bergen University College.

The Radiography students held a teaching session for their Norwegian colleagues and the plan is to develop a new online class format. The student learning experience is called “International Peer Assisted Learning” (iPAL). The idea is that experienced students from one geographical area will develop their own peer leadership skills and conduct teaching to less experienced students.

Some of the classes during the visit were videotaped and the plan is to converte the content into a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) in the near future. The online class can overcome the geographical limitations and the plan is to maintain a long-term collaboration with Bergen University College on this. 

Teaching session


”I really admire how the Hong Kong students made and delivered the presentation to us. It was well thought out and really well prepared", says one of the Norwegian students in the evaluation. 

International experience and cooperation is important in many professions. Nurses cross borders and work in a variety of political, cultural and health care contexts. The exchange course Global Health and Cultural Awareness in Nursing seeks to address challenges of care associated with the more complex cultural and epidemiological contexts. It also aims to expand the knowledge of the Nursing students on global epidemiology and disease patterns as well as to stimulate an interest in trans-cultural nursing.

For the first time students in Nursing from Hong Kong Polytechnic University participated in this course. During the three weeks they also experienced some of the Norwegian culture. Under the title "A taste of Norwegian Culture" the Norwegian students prepared typical Norwegian food and arranged different social activities.


Chinese and Norwegian Nursing students running the classical Norwegian "potetløp". The point is to run as fast as you can with a potato on a spoon. Photo: Liv Utne


To jump as fast as you can in a big plastic bag is not easy! Photo: Liv Utne

norwegian food

"A taste of Norway": The traditional brown cheese and other Norwegian dishes. Photo: Liv Utne.