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The 8th Annual Bergen Educational Conversation

Bullying from a Pedagogical Perspective

There are many different definitions of bullying in the scientific literature, and debates about what bullying is and how it could be prevented is still going on. Still, there are many different factors, which affect this phenomenon. Therefore, bullying is analyzed from different perspectives, in particular from the perspective of psychology, sociology and anthropology. However, the pedagogical perspective has not been very prominent, neither in the public debates nor in research. It is important to stress that bullying is a complex phenomenon, which requires a broad focus on different systematic factors, including the pedagogical perspective. For these reasons, this year’s conversation aims at discussing bullying from the pedagogical perspective, with a particular focus on the prevention of bullying. 

The 8th Annual Bergen Educational Conversation will be held in English and admission is free.  

Final date for registration: November 28.


09.30-09.45  Welcome Assistant Professor Dziuginta Baraldsnes. 
09.45-10.30  Bullying – Basic Facts Research Professor Dan Olweus.
10.30-10.45  Break
10.45-11.30  Interventions against Bullying Professor em. Peter Smith. 
11.30-12.30  Break
12.30-13.15  School Bullying as a Topic for Educational Research 
                     Professor Robert Thornberg. 
13.15-13.30  Break
13.30-14.15  Addressing the School in School Bullying Assistant Professor Paul Horton          14.15-16.00  Conversations 

Dan Olweus is a research professor and generally recognized as a pioneer and Founding Father of research on bullying problems and as a world leading expert in this area both by the research community and by society at large. For approximately 40 years, Dan Olweus has been involved in research and intervention work on bullying among school children and youth. The book Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do (Olweus, 1993) has been published in more than 25 different languages. Olweus has received a number of awards and recognitions for his research and intervention work. Recently, Olweus received the Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology Award in 2011, given by the American Psychological Association (APA), and in 2012, he received APA’s award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy.

Peter Smith is Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Unit for School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK. He has published Children and Play (Blackwell, 2010), Understanding School Bullying: Its Nature and Prevention Strategies (Sage Publications, 2014), Understanding Children’s Development (with H. Cowie and M. Blades) (6th ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2015), and Adolescence: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2016).  His edited books include (with Craig Hart) the Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), Bullying in the Global Village: Research on Cyberbullying from an International Perspective (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), Cyberbullying through the new media: Findings from an International Network (Psychology Press, 2013), and School Bullying in Different Cultures: Eastern and Western Perspectives (Cambridge University Press, 2016). In 2015 he was awarded the William Thierry Preyer award for Excellence in Research on Human Development, by the European Society for Developmental Psychology.

Robert Thornberg is Professor of Educational Research at the Department of Behavioural Sciences, Linköping University. His main focuses are on bullying and peer harassment among children and adolescents in school settings, and values education, school rules, moral practices, student participation, and social interactions in everyday school life. Dr. Thornberg is also an international research faculty member of the Center for Research on School Safety, School Climate and Classroom Management, at the College of Education, Georgia State University, Atlanta, U.S. In addition, he is a Board member of the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA), and the co-ordinator for NERA Network of Value Issues and Social Relations in Education

Paul Horton is an assistant professor at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning (IBL), Linköping University. He has written about school bullying in New Zealand, Denmark, and Vietnam, and is author of the book "Bullied into it: Bullying, Power and the Conduct of Conduct".