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Exploring the role of VRI in regional innovation system formation and new path development

The objective of the project is to develop more general knowledge and theories of innovation, innovation policy and policy measures at the regional levels based on research carried out in the VRI program as well as on complementary new research. The project will do this by:

  • Identifying the extent of regional innovation systems in Norway and analyzing the contribution of the VRI program towards RIS formation

  • Analyzing the impact of VRI with special attention to regional path development

  • Analyzing national and regional governance and policy challenges related to the implementation of the VRI program.

The project is organized with six WPs (WP leaders in brackets):

WP 1: Theoretical and analytical framework (UiS/IRIS – Bjørn Asheim)
WP 2: Re-analysing existing VRI research (BUC – Stig-Erik Jakobsen)
WP 3: Identifying and exploring RIS in the Norwegian context (UiA/NIFU – Sverre Herstad)
WP 4: Intensive regional case-studies (UiA – Arne Isaksen)
WP 5: Policy analysis of the operation of VRI in a regional, national and international context (NIFU – Olav Spilling)
WP 6: Coordination and dissemination (UIS/IRIS – Bjørn Asheim)


Norsk Forskningsråd - Virkemidlar for regional FoU og innovasjon (VRI 3)

Contact information at HiB

Prof. Stig-Erik Jakobsen, Centre for innovation, Bergen University College, Post box 7030, 5020 Bergen, Norway