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Path development in different regional settings

The project will analyse how regional specific industrial development paths arise, and are maintained and renewed.

The theoretical framework implies that the conditions for industrial renewal and path creation are largely determined by the type of RIS that dominates, the type of global production and innovation networks to which central regional firms belong, and the breadth and depth of knowledge sourcing and knowledge exchange.Policy approaches should adapt to such varying regional circumstances rather than follow some supposedly acknowledged best practices.

Based on this theoretical framework and the four challenges presented in the introduction, the main research question is formulated as: How do industries and innovation systems in different regional economies evolve over time?

The project will address the main research question and subsequent specific research questions through four work packages (WPs).

WP 1: Renewal of regional economies.The main research questions are:

  • What factors lead to path extension, path renewal and path creation in different types of Norwegian regions?
  • Under which conditions are path renewal and path creation possible in organisationally thin and in thick and highly specialised RISs?

WP 2: Globalisation and local embedding. The main research questions include:

  • What regional specific factors attract and retain activities in MNCs in Norwegian regions?
  • How does globalisation of Norwegian firms affect the innovation capabilities in different types of regions?

WP 3: Knowledge flows within and between firms. Main research questions are:

  • How do firms combine internal and external knowledge sources in their innovation process?
  • Which conditions affect their ability to mobilise employees’ skills and ideas in innovation activity?
  • Which external sources of knowledge are important and how do firms access these sources?

WP 4: Innovation policy and network governance. The main research question is:

  • What types of policy initiatives and network governance are most effective in promoting and stimulating industrial renewal and path creation in different types of regions? 


HiB, Universitetet i Stavanger, Universitetet i Agder (project leader), Norut Finnmark , CIRCLE, LSE


Norwegian Research Council - Virkemidlar for regional FoU og innovasjon (VRI 3)

Contact information

Prof. Stig-Erik Jakobsen, Centre for innovation, Bergen University College, Post box 7030, 5020 Bergen, Norway