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Cancer and Quality of Life

Our research group aims through different projects to assess how different cancer- diseases and -treatment, disability or symptoms are linked to and affect cancer patients’ health and quality of life.

Recent estimates from the Cancer Registry of Norway show that the number of cancer cases will increase by 40 percent in the general population over the next 15 years. Knowledge that emerges can contribute to a better understanding of cancer patients needs, so that care and rehabilitation can be given and adapted to different cancer patients' needs.

Traditionally health and quality of life has been measured by health professionals by observation. During the last years general and disease specific questionnaires have been developed so that the patients themselves can report their own subjective health and quality of life. Both qualitative and quantitative 


H&QoL - Elderly 

H&QoL - Breast Cancer

H&QoL - Psychosocial Factors and Cancer

H&QoL - Octogenarian 

Health related quality of life among patients with vascular disease