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Community work

The research group Community work are doing research on social participation and bottom-up mobilisation – taking into account barriers/challenges, and resources and capabilities among those concerned.

Community work is based on an understanding that communities and social structures are created and altered through human collective action and organizational initiatives. As a research area, we are devoted to understand and describe social processes that both hinder and allow for social participation.

We have in recent decades seen that social changes are forcing us to think twice about communities, social movements and possible conditions for social participation. Globalization and Internet-based communication are among the keywords here. In such social changes, we see opportunities, but simultaneously also major barriers and challenges. 

The research is concerned with the tension between power and resistance, and mobilization and passivation. We also notice that the fields of resistance and mobilization are marked by diversity and creative innovations. The interaction between understanding and action is central. Action research is therefore a central part of the group's profile.