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DiaBEST - Diabetes Research Group for Best Practice

In Norway, it is estimated that 375.000 people have diabetes and 175.000 people have it without knowing about it. Each year approximately 6000 new people are diagnosed with diabetes. 600 get diabetes Type 1 and 250 of them are children under 15 years.

There is a pressing need to test models related to guidance and support of self-care and to research how people with diabetes are experiencing their everyday life and how they cope with their daily treatment requirements.

More studies also need to be conducted on the competence development of health personnel, how health services are organised and coordinated and the collaboration between services. There is a need for more research on the effect of different treatments, how treatments are organised and conducted, models for user involvements and barriers for implementing evidence-based guidelines in practice.

The research group DiaBEST consists of researchers from Bergen University College, the University of Bergen and the University of Stavanger. The projects contribute to increased knowledge about and implementation of evidence-based practice within diabetes care. 

The group is led by Professor Marit Graue.

Fields of research