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Kunst av Kim Hjortøy

Law, Democracy and Welfare

Political, civil and social rights for citizens is a prerequisite for a functioning democracy. The law is also an important tool for implementing policy decisions and implementation of welfare services.

The legal developments in various areas of the welfare state have important implications for the construction of  'social citizenship’, i.e. the institutional framework which ideally should ensure citizens' opportunities to participate in society as equal and free citizens.

The research group focuses both on the effects different legal structures have for vulnerable groups freedom and social/political participation and how duties and decisions take place in practice.

The interaction between social and public services and juridificationprocesses is a key characteristic of today's society, not least in the area of ​​welfare, the knowledge base is weak, and the research group contributes new research-based knowledge in this area.

Research and publication is of high international standards and we offer students and other institutions research-based instruction and guidance in these areas. 


Prioritizing Healthcare: Tensions and Interplays between Legal, Political and Professional Perspectives
Contact: Associate Professor Anne-Mette Magnussen

The Norwegian Child Welfare System in a Comparative Perspective
Contact: Professor Marit Skivenes

Children at risk in highconflict families 
Contact: Assistent Professor Inger Kristin Heggdalsvik

eHealth littearcy and ageing. Elder Norwegians` appropriation of Health related Internet information 
Contact: Associate Professor Tobba Therkildsen Sudmann