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Movement and Function

The research builds on fields of knowledge related to bodily movements and functions.

The theoretical basis for our Research Group is rooted in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, recognizing the many different factors that contribute in maintaining health, as well as contributing towards disability, pain and illness.

Physical and mental stress can cause body aberrations and that can contribute to the development of disease. Bodily aberrations are interpreted in view of an individual’s experiences in life, social and cultural conditions.

The perspectives form an understanding of how disease and ailments in the musculoskeletal system may arise, how they should be treated and prevented.

The research in MoFu has two main directions:

1) research within long-term musculoskeletal diseases included assessment and rehabilitation of different patient populations, aspects related to work opportunities and health

2) research within heart and lung diseases included follow-up of extremely premature children and exercise capacity, breathing patterns  and breathing difficulties in adolescence and adults.