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Forskergruppen POPS
Foto: Ingrid Hope Leirvåg

Patient-reported Outcomes and Patient Safety in acute and/or critical illness (POPS)

The research group POPS has as its main purpose to gain new knowledge to improve the quality of nursing care in the acute and/or critically ill patients, more specific to intensive care patients, and patients pre-, per- and post-surgery.

Quality is in this context meaning better patient and next of kin experiences and better patient safety through caring and safe health services. The research projects includes topics related to the acute and/or critically ill patients of all ages having preventive-, curative- , palliative-, promotional- and rehabilitative needs for nursing care.    

The research group POPS is associated to the Master program in Anesthesia Nursing, Operation Theatre Nursing and Critical Care Nursing, and is an arena where Master- and PHD Candidates can discuss their master projects with group members, and with our external and international collaborators.   

Projects related to patient reported outcomes:

Coping with breast cancer – a qualitative follow-up study.

Hvordan opplever pasienter som opereres for kroniske bihulebetennelse i lokalanestesi seg ivaretatt når de blir operert i et dagkirurgisk forløp? 

Prevalence, comorbidity and stability of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and depression symptoms after exposure to physical assault: An 8-year prospective longitudinal study.

A long-term follow-up of health and quality of life after major burn injury. 

Long-term follow up after treatment for cleft-lip and palate (CLP). 

Follow-up of patients and their next of kin after intensive care – A survey.

Parent experience of burn injury in their child and perceived needs for support during hospitalization at a burn care centre. 

Follow-up after critical illness and intensive care - A qualitative study of the experiences from the perspectives of patients’, their next of kin and intensive care nurses.

Pain, agitation and delirium in intensive care patients.

Projects related to patient safety:

A study of nurse anesthesists work functioning and work conditions: a follow up study.

Visuell gjennomgang av operasjonsstuer i Norge.

Development and implementation of patient checklists before, during and after surgery. 

Occurrence, risk factors and consequences of healthcare-associated infections in hospitals and long-term care facilities. 

Simulation in clinical skill laboratories – What are the possibilities?

Learning together to better working together.