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The multidisciplinary research group on Health, Sports and Function

The research group is positioned in an exciting field between sports, health, science and engineering enabling innovative research of high quality and societal relevance.

This is in line with the international focus on multidisciplinary efforts to meet the challenges in «The Future of Health» (MITreport). 

The diverse and complimentary competencies in the research group strengthens HVLs research activity and possibilities directed towards health challenges in the future.

Members of the research group comes from AL (idrettseksjonen), AHS (institutt for ergo/fysio/radio) og AIØ (institutt for Institutt for data- og realfag, institutt for bio- og kjemiingeniørfag og institutt for elektrofag). Hence, there is a large potential for innovative and multidiciplinary student projects, from bachelor to PhD to meet future challenges.



Functional walking capacity exercises for adults with Cerebral Palsy (FUNCAP-CP)

Development and evaluation of imaging biomarkers

Computational medicine: Numerical models for medical images and signals

The analysis on activity level and nature of the organized training (Deliberate practice) and self-organized training (Deliberate play)

Multiparametric evaluation of muscle function, performance and biomarkers

Biomarkers of physical activity and exercise

Kartlegging av fysisk kapasitet og trengingsvaner hos mannlige fotballspillere i Bergen