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The new campus at Kronstad


In 2014, the students and staff of Bergen University College will move into a modern building at Kronstad, and completely adapted office and teaching premises in Møllendalsveien. Autumn 2014 will see the first semester of teaching at Kronstad.

The common site will provide benefits such as greater cooperation in the form of joint research projects and new courses of study.

For our students, the move will offer them a learning environment in modern premises, while as far as the staff are concerned, it will mean a pleasant work environment that encourages collaboration, and in which good colleagues are only a few steps away, both professionally and socially.

The Kronstad university college building programme will provide facilities for 4400 students and 500 members of staff, while Møllendalsveien will have facilities for up to 1000 students and 200 staff.

Key figures – the new building

  • Bergen University College is Statsbygg’s largest construction project in 2013
  • The new building will cover a total of 51,000 square metres
  • The building’s high block will be nine storeys tall, and the rest of the building will include up to five floors
  • The building will incorporate five listed buildings from the era when Norwegian State Railways (NSB) owned the siteThe project has a budget of NOK 2.64 billion (as of 1/7/2012)
  • Artistic embellishment: NOK 16 million
  • Canteen: seating for 820
  • Culture auditorium: seating for 350
  • Environmental building: energy class B, 80 energy storage wells
  • High-accessibility design.

How to get to Kronstad

The new college building is in Inndalsveien at Kronstad. The Bergen Light Railway (tramway) stops just outside the door, and the building is within walking distance of Brann Football Stadium, Haukeland Hospital, Fantoft student residence and the city centre.

The address of the new building will be Inndalsveien 28.

From the city centre:

  • Bergen Light Railway to Kronstad: 10 min
  • Cycling: 14 min
  • On foot: 30 min

Light and airymeetingplace

The architects aimed to create a building with plenty of light and air, and in which it will be easy to find one’s way around. Both students and staff must be able to enjoy pleasant vistas and plenty of daylight.

Light and air are vital aspects of wellbeing as essential to creative learning. The intention is that the physical work environment should have positive effects on the creative learning process.

Social meeting-places

The second storey of the building is designed to encourage social activity. Its meeting-places include an indoor area that merges with a large outdoor area.

Each of its gardens lies over three floors, and altogether there are seven such gardens in the building. The transition between the outdoor gardens and the indoor social area is defined by large glass surfaces, which create a positive feeling of open space.

“Backyard gardens”

Inside the building, students and staff have access to three gardens, which can be expected to become important social meeting-places. All these gardens are open to the skies.

The first lies in the concourse by the north main entrance. This is currently called the Foyer Garden, and lies just outside the library.

On its eastern side, the library has its own garden, which for the time being is known as the Library Garden.

The third garden is located close to the canteen, and is currently called the Café Garden.

The new building at Kronstad will be a flexible building designed for joint use of all teaching spaces and multiple uses of the auditorium. The building also contains several rooms that will be equipped with special equipment for use in courses in the health sciences, engineering and teacher training.

Student unionstudenthouse

For the first time, our students will have their own union, which will provide an important social meeting-place.

The ground floor will contain a student bar, lounge and offices, while the first floor will provide rooms for small groups, meeting rooms and offices. This floor will be an important meeting-place for active participants in student democracy and welfare activities.

Sports centre

Students and staff will enjoy excellent facilities in the new indoor sports centre and the outdoor grounds. The sports centre will have a full-size basketball arena, a climbing wall, dance room, gym, weight-training room and mobility laboratory, and a training room for physiotherapy, sports and drama students.

The first floor of the sports centre will contain offices, group rooms and seminar/classrooms. Outside the sports centre there will be an athletics stadium with a 400 m running track surrounding an artificial turf athletics field.

Culture centre

Bergen University College is already well-known for its courses in music, dance and drama. The new building design will be ideal for holding concerts, drama and dance performances in its culture centre, which can seat 350 persons.

Besides providing facilities for our own students and staff, the hall can be hired out for cultural events and conferences. The culture centre will feature completely up-to-date stage facilities that will be available to other active participants in the cultural life of the city.


The library at Kronstad will be a modern teaching and research library with self-service provided by lending automats. Daily newspapers and weeklies will also be available, as will PCs for literature searches and individual use.

The library will have a large number of outlets for laptops, and for persons with special needs there will be universal adaptations for personal computer equipment.

Cultural events

The library will also contain a number of multi-use rooms. Teaching will be an important element here, and the rooms will also be available for seminars, book signings and other cultural events.

The College Building

The Kronstad university college building programme will provide facilities for 4400 students and 500 members of staff. By 2014, Bergen University College expects to have at least 7000 students and a staff of more than 700.

The University College aims to gather them all at Kronstad, and there is a good chance that it will manage to do so. An unused plot lies to the north of the new building, and parts of it have already been rezoned for the use of the University College and as a parking lot.

The rest of this site is currently being rezoned, and in due course it will satisfy the needs of the University College for more teaching and office space, as well as providing room for welfare services for students and staff.


Updated: 26.03.2013