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Lived democracy and education

Seminar on Lived democracy – October 8th and 9th, 2015

The research group “Lived Democracy in Classrooms” has invited international scholars to a research conference.

The topic for the conference is democracy development. Research in this field is extremely important since schools are political arenas for learning and living together. The civic practice this involves on the part of teachers and pupils contributes to uphold democratic institutions and processes. At the same time, classroom democracy is a contested concept in schooling due to current trends in education policy  (e.g. high-stakes testing, accountability) that work against the political classroom.

The purpose of the conference is to investigate the features of teaching and learning processes associated with a living democracy, as well as the learning outcomes.

The aim of the conference is to gain a deeper understanding of the interplay in the classroom related to lived democracy.

Our epistemological interest is to improve our knowledge of how pupils cultivate, critique or demonstrate democracy in education. Furthermore, researchers will discuss how to identify and establish the necessary competencies to enable pupils to put democracy into practice.

For the purpose of this conference, lived democracy is conceptualized as a participation in the construction, maintenance and transformation of social and political life.

This is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together researchers who have considered this issue from a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. The presentations are based on both conceptual and empirical research, thereby linking classroom data with data on student’s mind-sets. Thus, this conference will make a significant contribution to the development of an integrative theory of democracy development.