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Parallel sessions - Thursday October 8




Room: E-206


 2 A



Åsta Birkeland





1 )Saara Salmi & Anna Mikkola

 Children as narrators of their lives: A visual Partivipatory study on first-grade children’s sense-making of schooling


2) Alicja Renata Sadownik

 Why is “just playing” sometimes so difficult, mom? 5-year-old girl’s stories about getting rid of external discourses disturbing her free play with a neighbor peer


3) Trude Fosse, Magni Lossius, Maria L. Johansson, Anita Wager & Anna Wernber

 Conflicting Narratives About What Counts As Mathematics in Early Childhood


2 B



Geir Aaserud


 Room: E-251

1) Ruth Mjanger

 ‘Playing with shadows – playing with words’ - Exploring Teacher’s Ownership through Poetic Inquiry


2) Ola Helenius, Maria C. Johansson, Troels Lange & Tamsin Meaney.

 Have you only played today?


3)  Geir Aaserud, , Svein Ole Sataøen, , Andrea Eikseth, , Ida Knudsen & Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

 The kindergarten pioneers - Mapping kindergarten history(y)ies by collective biographies