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Parallel sessions - Wednesday October 7




Room: E-251


1 A



Geir Aaserud



1) Jaana Juutinen & Anna-Maija Puroila

 Inside or outside? Young children’s narratives of belonging and exclusion in day care centres  


2) Anette Boye Koch

 Listening to the Voices of Young Children on their adult professinals – a narrative approach


3) Sidsel Boldermo

 Place and belonging in kindergarten


4) Amy Noelle Parks & Dorota Lembrér
Young Children’s Construction of Disciplinary Narratives in Unofficial Classroom Spaces


1 B



Åsta Birkeland


 Room: E-252

1) Vibeke Solbu

 The lonely girl in class – Negotiating neglected narratives


2) Violet Mamba, Tobba Therkildsen Sudmann & Graziella Van Den Berg

 Disabled Tanzanian children’s narratives from a boarding school


3) Nathalie Nehma

 From complexities to insightful meanings: The significance of tensions in the midst of stories


4) Henning Fjørtoft

 Literacy, values, and teaching in an at-risk adolescent classroom. A narrative case study


1 C



Hanne Værum Sørensen






 Room: E-123

1) Maria Dardanou, Anne Myrstad & Ingrid Cathrin Nordli

 Place identity in north

2)  Ole Hamre, Sissel Saue & Tjalve Gj. Madsen

 Kaleidoscope - changing teachers through personal narratives

 3) Yvonne Bakken, Liv Torunn Grindheim, Kjellrun Hiis Hauge & Marianne Presthus Heggen

 An interdisciplinary narrative dialogue to enhance our understanding of sustainable development in Kindergartens

 4) Torbjørn Lundhaug

 Adenturers and Disturbers – an analysis of the life stories of three kindergarten teachers and their commitment to outdoor education in eraly childhood

 5) Hanne Blaafalk

 Two teachers’ self-reflectivity on their pedagogical practice within higher education – from good to excellent