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The Battle for Teacher Education

Welcome to the conference 'The Battle for Teacher Education: Reform in International And National Context', November 13–14, 2014 in Bergen, Norway. Convened by the Centre for Educational Research, Bergen University College.

Reforming teacher education is at the core of educational policy-making all over the world today. Teacher education, especially at the initial or pre-service level, is seen as a key lever in improving whole education systems. Traditional structures based around higher education institutions are seen as resistant to change and as barriers to improvement. Challenges to the legitimacy of traditional programmes are presented in political rhetoric, media representations and within the profession.

Internationally, new alternatives are proposed based on theories of social entrepreneurship and funded by private philanthropy as well as the state. These challenges from alternative, reformist perspectives ask fundamental questions about teaching as a profession and teacher education as a form of higher education activity.

In other contexts, such as in Norway, the challenges have proposed longer and more academic forms of initial professional preparation that claim to be focused on research. The different nature of these challenges and the different responses to them politically, scientifically and professionally will be at the heart of this conference.

Final date for registration: November 1.

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