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Centre for New Media

The main activities of Centre for New Media are media development and production related to new media.

The Web

With the vast diversity of information available on the Internet, it is increasingly important to develop web pages which stand out yet communicate the required information. Our web designers not only provide dynamic solutions based on multimedia, they also maintain a constant focus on developing functional, accessible and standardised web designs.

Centre for New Media compiles web designs both internally for the University College and for external customers, particularly related to culture, information and education.


Centre for New Media is a creative melting pot, where a number of different academic and technical groups come together to create new and exciting, original solutions. Working alongside our skilled programmers are several persons with backgrounds related to the arts. This allows us to provide not only complete productions but also supply assistance with parts of productions related to graphic design, illustrations, photos and animations.


Centre for New Media has the equipment and expertise required for advanced video productions. The results of these can be supplied on tape, DVD or streamed via the Internet.

Online learning

Centre for New Media has developed and operates a number of Internet-based media courses, each worth 15 points: Creative web design, Multimedia for web, Communications, Elearning, Publishing on the Internet and Advanced web design. All guidance and teaching, including taking the exams (folder evaluation) are carried out on the Internet. More detailed information on online learning is available at our web site, under Online learning.

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