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Drivers of regional economic restructuring: Actors, institutions and policy

Western Norway (the counties Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane) is currently in need of economic restructuring. As the most oil-dependent region in Norway, falling oil prices and the long-term grand challenge of greening the economy presents the region with a double challenge. It needs to i) develop a more diverse and less oil-dependent regional economy, and ii) ensure that this restructuring also involves a shift towards greener, environmentally sustainable economic practices. The main objective of this research project is to Identify and analyze the drivers and barriers for renewal and creation of industry paths in Western Norway.

The project is organized in five work packages (WP). First, we present an outlook on regional path dependent development (WP 1). The WP investigate the characteristics of the industry structure, workforce and sociocultural landscape of Western Norway, and analysis how it may affects the potential for innovation and green economic restructuring in the region. In WP2 we analyses renewal of established firms and industries. Which resources are critical for companies that are in an adjustment phase? How are firms responding to the challenge of digitalization? How can firms be successful with green innovations? What strategies are effective for the success of cross-industry innovations? WP3 looks into regional path creation, or the development of new firms and new sectors in the region. Which factors can trigger the emergence of new sectors in Western Norway? What affects the survival and growth of new firms in new sectors? In WP 4 we discusses policy for regional restructuring. How can we develop a reliable policy for regional restructuring and transition based on acquired knowledge about forces and mechanisms that inhibit and promote such restructuring? What is the role of institutional entrepreneurs in changing the policy system? Findings from the four WPs will be communicated to users through a WP focused on dissemination and user involvement (WP5).

The project will be carried out by a consortium consisting of experts from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger)/University of Stavanger (UiS). The project will also involve international partners and experts within the field of innovation and regional restructuring.